statement of artistry 

my works are questions. they are visual, kinetic, and spatial investigations into (be)longing and othering; into vulnerability, intimacy, and rebellion; and into that which is raw, creepy, and uncomfortable. i seek to break, challenge, and subvert convention to reveal underlying beliefs about where and how we find, hold, and shape (dis)connection, power, and (non)reality.

as a queer and mixed-race person who never quite fits into defined categories, who is always in-between, who is familiar with being <<other>> -- i find belonging in the hybridity, fluidity, and nonconformity of antidisciplinary artistic practice.

i combine movement, writing, and video within liminal spaces to excavate the erotic, the messy, the ugly, the undefinable, and the elusive. my work points (us) to the interdependence of fear and desire, and to individual + collective orientation(s) towards that which we do (not) want to face. i situate performances in unconventional physical spaces to reposition performance as that which to encounter, versus that which to attend. i alter dimensions of time and challenge frequencies of (in)visibility to invite audiences to question perceptions of reality.

throughout my work, i use multidimensional language to explore the following questions: how might we work with/in hybrid, performance-based practices to (re)orient within crisis + profound change? what do we encounter within ourselves, and within one another, when we take part in intimate performance(-making) processes?