erika is a performance artist who investigates states of con/tending with through the construction of (experimental) experiences and trace encounters. 

<<<  in surfacing the un/bounds of the body, i implicate you in the we(ight) of being alive >>>
to contend with is to deal with difficulty or struggle -  

con comes from com — with, together — 
and tend comes from tendere — to stretch

 tend, as its own word, can mean to exhibit an inclination or to take care of or to pay attention to, as in to tend to

erika is interested in performance as a means of co-engaging in and through (indeterminate) bodies - via (experiential, affective) stretching and attending-to -- 

they approach performance as a high-risk exercise in building rapid intimacy. they aim to create conditions + environments that are anti-passive experiences: dynamic spaces of aliveness that point to our visceral interdependence in practices of survival >>
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