as many of you know, i'm in art school for the first time, figuring out how to hold a studio practice, how to be a dance- and movement-based artist within and beyond the visual art world, how to continue developing within interdisciplinary performance-making as a political practice,  and what kinds of disciplines and conversations most resonate with the kinds of work i want to share.

i'm also trying to move away (entirely?) from posting updates on instagram.

a lot of what i make -- performances, videos -- aren't usually things that i can send via air mail, but/so i'm interested in figuring out some ways to in fact share performance-based materials in the mail. 

so anyway - i'm starting a ~(bi)monthly mailout~ where i send out little prints and updates from in + out of the studio. think of this as sort of an analog newsletter/lite subscription situation where you get some cute lil snail mail from southern california. every other month you'll get a lil newslettery update and a mix of print materials (risograph prints, drawings, poems, zines, some experimental scores, etc etc etc).

i'm trying this out sliding scale - funds will help cover production costs + contribute towards current and future art projects :) if you wanna support but the moneyscale doesn't work for you - let's figure something out.

if you are interested in receiving snail mail from me, either email me  or fill out this lil form. you can either sign up to receive one, three, or six mailings over the next year.

feel free to reach out if you have questions, comments, suggestions, memes, ideas, etc 

thank u for reading and supporting my practice --