you said you wanted to feel my edges

performance on unceded Kumeyaay land
15 minutes

documentation by Jun!

you said you wanted to feel my edges 
is a live performance that leaves impressions through wet prints, stains, and smears of skins. of things that were once there, and not there. traces on the ground, on the material worn. the worn material itself gets left as a trace. in my performances, i aim to transgress the ::three walls:: of the stage, or even the <fourth wall>. i come face to face with the viewer as a way of implicating the viewer, as a way of saying to them: i see you (the viewer), just as much as you (the viewer) see me (the performer)i am asking the viewer not to watch me, but to watch us.

fruit skins, shells, and peels are traces of the flesh and seed that were once inside the (fruit) body.  the peel is a trace of what is consumed. in ::: edges :::, i release a gathering of dead matter — tea leaves, hair, egg shells, onion peels, citrus skins, pepper skins — while moving with, underneath, and through two sheets of semiopaque fabric held together by safety pins. the body is almost entirely exposed, except for the face, which remains obscured through the duration of the work. through the course of the performance, i use voice and sounds produced by the body — including laughter, groaning, breathing, and yelping — and utter lines of text that shift person perspective over time (from you/me to you/you to you/us to we/us).

performed at <Through Milky Eyes>, curated by Harvest + Gather (San Diego, CA) in december 2023