3 minutes 28 seconds (video) 
8 hours (live performance)
dance, single-channel HD video, sound, scrap fabric, foamcore, mannequin head, television, newsprint

drawing from the japanese legend of jorogumo, a shape-shifting spider-femme who seduces + destroys heteropatriarchal embodiment, <spiderdaddy> is a movement-based video + text installation that examines the interrelated nature of fear and desire, and seeks to reclaim queer femme power through a mixed race, anti-imperialist, japanese lens. expanding upon jorogumo’s narrative of femme subversion and resistance, this work weaves together blood lineage with folklore to disrupt gendered and raced expectations of submissiveness, erasure, and complacency.

when you
called me a

        in her belly 

what little
you knew 

about how
i’d come out

to come after


        you embody 

// who are you calling a girl

(( conceived nonlinearly ; birthed in residence at Ox-Bow School of Art ))