minor edits

go with the flow, a whole     body,
stretch yourself
whole again, devour
your weight in watermelon, let the juice drip
off of your chin, wide open
release like the tides of your skin, crisp
and salty,        salt is an essential
mineral, sodium chloride is stable rock made
when two unstable materials come together did you know.
    i buzzed off
a little bit more of my hair, let the long dark hair
drip down my back, my hair changes colors our eyes
change colors did you know. we are chameleons,
mixed kids, chameleon shape
            shifting metamorphing
intertwining apart.
                            tug the rope drink the
altar do you feel
the tension in my thighs can you help me
let them go. myofascial tongue, your throat in the back of my
teeth. neutral, mild. today is a body
day did you know. breath, coffee, body. today
we stretch balance find the curves in our hips find
the ways the body no longer


onto repetition
onto form in the ways
we used to. find the curvatures outside
of the rigidity of sequence