feel free to touch; nothing is precious 


linocut on tracing paper; woodcut on tracing paper; black and white image on tracing paper; grapefruit; onion; fishing line; 
single-channel HD video; color; sound

onions are good for you, but they’re also painful to dig into
you say

{{ feel free to touch, nothing is precious }} is a hybrid, mixed-media installation spanning video projection, performance, movement, kinetic sculpture, printmaking, image, text, sound. it is an investigation into the generative qualities of fragmentation, obscurity, subtraction.  it is a feeling-into the fragments that remain after you consume the whole, consume the inside, after you break something apart.

{{ }} invites you to touch the work. to feel. to let things stain, tear, break, wrinkle. to leave your trace.

this is a question of preciousness: nothing is not precious (no?) -- 
is nothing precious --  what is precious -- 
how do we recognize what is/n’t precious --  how do we make that distinction --