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Allied Media Conference

2022 • experience design

i supported Allied Media Conference (AMC2022) in designing the first-ever hybrid conference in the organization’s 20+ year history.

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Allied Media Projects

2021 • experience design

i supported Allied Media Projects in practicing ways to adapt UX design practices and methods into their work, both internally and externally, in ways that center Design Justice and consentful technology.

this support included co-shaping and co-facilitating an all-staff interactive workshop to explore foundations of user experience (UX) design from a Design Justice lens. we also worked in departmental teams to examine possible ways of working with experience design and Design Justice to (re)design and (re)shape community programming, organizational operations, and ways of working together.

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Black Womxn Flourish

2020 • UX research + strategy

Black Womxn Flourish is a design for wellbeing collective founded by Denise Shanté Brown.

i worked with Black Womxn Flourish and Wildlogic to support digital strategy for the launch of their new website. key phases and deliverables included stakeholder interviews, site mapping, and wireframing, all through a co-design process.

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Consentful Tech Project

training • 2019-2020

i worked with the Consentful Tech Project to co-design and co-facilitate an introductory consentful tech workshop.

in this workshop, participants explored and defined consent, explored differences between safety and security, considered the impact of our data bodies on our communities, and explore core elements of digital consent through the FRIES framework.

this workshop is shaped and informed by Our Data Bodies: Digital Defense Playbook released by the Our Data Bodies Project.

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Design Justice Network

UX research • 2018-2019

the Design Justice Network is a collective of mediamakers, technologists, storytellers, educators, facilitators, and artists committed to practicing Design Justice Principles.

i worked with peer members of the Design Justice Network — including designers, developers, and strategists — to redesign the network’s website.

within the broader redesign process, i co-designed and co-facilitated community surveys, identified core goals and pain points, reshaped information architecture, build wireframes, and conducted usability testing.

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Equity-Centered Community Design: Trainings + Field Guide

experience design • 2017 - 2018

as part of the Creative Reaction Lab team, i supported the production and release of the first Equity-Centered Community Design Field Guide through tool (co-)creation, content strategy, and design strategy.

i also co-designed and (co-)facilitated trainings and workshops in Equity-Centered Community Design with 500+ people across the united states working in sectors including but not limited to: media, government, education, and health/care.

Creative Reaction Lab released the Equity-Centered Field Guide in February 2018.

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Washington University in Saint Louis

FALL 2021 

i taught Interaction Design: Understanding Health and Well-Being, an undergraduate design course in the Sam Fox School at Washington University in St. Louis.

the class engages principles and methods of interaction design within the context of understanding health challenges.

students gain experience in planning and executing an iterative design process featuring research, synthesis, ideation, concept development, prototypes and a final presentation, which may include visual design, animation, and sound.

SPRING 2022 + SPRING 2021

i designed and taught UX Research Methods for Design, a new undergraduate course in the Sam Fox School at Washington University in St. Louis.

in this course, students build an understanding of, and practice implementing, design research methods through lenses of design justice, accessibility, consentful technology, and design ethics. through projects, discussions, and readings, students work to build an understanding of the role of research in user experience/user interface (UX/UI) design.

students practice research methods including interviews, surveys, contextual inquiry, peer analysis, and heat mapping. they create artifacts that contextualize research within the broader experience design process, including personas, journey maps, affinity maps, and low-fidelity prototypes.

FALL 2021; FALL 2020; SPRING 2020

i taught Visual Principles for the Screen, an undergraduate design course in the Sam Fox School at Washington University in St. Louis.

in this course, students explore the role of user interface(UI) and visual design within the context of user experience (UX) design, and refine their practices in balancing function and form.

through designing and prototyping screen-based experiences from the ground up, students learn the fundamental visual design skills of layout, hierarchy, typography, use of the grid, scale, balance, color, content curation, and language.